What We Do

Imagine IT provides a wide range of technical support and guidance for central Indiana organizations. IT strategy, data centers, disaster recovery, mysterious blinking red lights - we're the people you can call for answers.

Imagine IT also offers inbound marketing and social media services. It's a challenge to effectively use the right social media networks. We're happy to show you the way.

IT Consulting / Long-Term Planning

Imagine IT can develop everything from a new data center to an inbound marketing plan

Too often, businesses can only address their immediate technology needs - resulting in technology that's a problem instead of a crucial asset. To make matters worse, constant problems mean you're constantly scrambling to find tech support - and paying extra for it.

Imagine IT offers a better way. We solve your immediate tech problems, and help prevent them from coming back. We'll also develop a long-range plan - providing you with the services (but not the full cost) of a Chief Technology Officer, giving you a road map to a reliable technology environment.

Security and Disaster Recovery

Imagine IT can develop a full security plan, including off-site backups and recovery procedures.

How many people think it won't happen to them - losing their network and data due to malicious attacks, sudden equipment failure, or natural disasters? It happens to someone, often crippling businesses. If hope is your network recovery strategy, let us develop a better one.

Our security experts will start with a comprehensive risk assessment, looking at every aspect of your organization. We'll develop a plan for remote backups and monitoring services to make sure you'll be up and running if there is an emergency. We also offer disaster IT repair , coming onsite after catastrophes to determine what equipment and data can be saved.

Inbound Marketing / Social Media

Imagine IT develops and can manage comprehensive inbound marketing plans, tying together web design, content development, and social media.

Our inbound marketing and social media specialists will develop a clear strategy for presenting a polished, unified image to your customers and community. Whether you just need someone to help you get started or offer suggestions, we'll make sure you're presenting your message in the best possible way.

As with our other services, Imagine IT focuses on how all your assets work together and how they'll be seen by the user. Work with us to decide which social networks are right for you and how they can work with your site and internal assets.